Additional Support for our UK Applicants

In recently becoming a registered UCAS centre, we are able to offer even more support for students interested in applying to study at UK universities.

UCAS is the UK's chosen system for students to apply to study at degree level at university and allows you to choose five courses as part of your application.

As a registered centre, our students will have the reassurance that their application is in safe hands and will be kept up to date with all news connected to the process including important deadlines etc 

Our Student counsellors will have access to a range of application support tools in order to be abe to offer you the very best advice and guidance throughout your application.

Students are asked to always check with us first the best way to apply to their chosen course. The strong relationship we have with the UK universities we work with often means that a direct application is possible and this is normally always the case for Foundation level applicants and Postgraduate study.

For more details about how we can support your application to study in the UK , contact us at

Visit the UCAS website: