Sao Paulo

Language Partners
R. Tenente Gomes Ribeiro, 182 - cj. 74
V. Mariana-Sao Paulo-SP-04038-040
Tel +55 (11) 5083 4653

Rio de Janeiro

Students from Rio should contact our Language Partners office in Sao Paulo. / Tel 11 5083 4653
There are regular events and opportunities for students in Rio to get to know more about studying in the UK.
November 5th to 9th, 2019
Take part in the UAL Selection Process, Post Graduate workshop or find out more about semester programs and short courses 
London and the UK
You can contact Language Partners in the UK by phoning  +44 (0)7805678806
For all emergencies contact either +44 (0) 7854090389 or +44 (0)7805678806

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