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Carlos Thunm

The counselling service we provide to students which in the case of UAL works in conjunction with the face to face interview is particularly important in helping them find the right post graduation course when they have already acquired a few years of experience following graduation.

Students in this position are often looking for an intensive program to add new skills and depth in their area together with the opportunity to diversify and complement their postgraduate work experience.

The student Carlos Thunm from Porto Alegre is currently studying on the MA Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins. Carlos started the course in September 2013.

Carlos has already achieved a great degree of success in the area of communication in his home city of Porto Alegre. He is the Managing Partner and Creative Director of PAIM Comunicacao and has contributed greatly to the growth of the agency which today has 140 employees.

Carlos has also taught at PUCRS and ESPM.

This is what Carlos wrote to us at the start of 2014.

The second term of my course has just started and it’s just great.It’s exactly the kind of course that I was looking for. I don’t remember the name of the tutor who interviewed me in Sao Paulo but if you can please thank her for recommending this program instead of the one I was originally thinking about taking. The course is deep and will help me to take a new look at the subject of communication and enrich my CV.